What is Leadership? – Victoria Nkemadu

What is Leadership? – Victoria Nkemadu

In my opinion, leadership is serving others. As a leader, one’s sole purpose is to be of help for the benefit of others. Through service, one thinks of the needs of someone else, thus forgetting their own. Service allows one to give unselfishly their time, talent, and/or money, in order to increase the well-being of someone else. Currently, I’m the new President for the Graduate Student Association (GSA) at the University of South Carolina (USC). According to our mission, the GSA is dedicated to the advancement and development of graduate and professional students at USC.

This semester, GSA wants to inform graduate and professional students about our existence, since we serve to advocate on behalf of the interests of this particular population. As the President, I serve the graduate and professional student body on the USC campus. Therefore, I’m tasked with discovering the interest of this particular population, in order to implement ways to make their interest a reality. This is a difficult task to achieve, but with the executive and cabinet members of GSA by my side, we’re able to accomplish much.

My advice for graduate and professional students seeking leadership experience is to first reach out to their professors. Professors have a wealth of expertise to share, therefore be bold and ask your professors about leadership opportunities on and off campus. Secondly, I advise students to visit their college or school website (e.g. College of Social Work) and research various leadership opportunities. Most of these websites provide information regarding leadership opportunities for graduate and professional students.

Lastly, I advise students to visit the “Graduate School” website (http://gradschool.sc.edu/). This website caters specifically to graduate and professional students of USC. This website provides information on leadership and career opportunities, graduate assistantships, and other resources. To each graduate and professional student, please seek out leadership opportunities to make your learning experience more meaningful. Each of you have the skills to do what it takes, so go out in the world and be TRAILBLAZERS!

Victoria Nkemadu is a Masters of Social Work student in the College of Social Work at the University of South Carolina. She is the President of the Graduate Student Association. Learn more about the Graduate Student Association at http://gradschool.sc.edu/gsa.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Contact Dr. Heather Brandt at hbrandt@sc.edu.

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